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IPVanish Adds New VPN Server in Turkey

The world has become a smaller place for everyone thanks to the internet. With it, people around the globe are now able to communicate in real-time, can easily send files anywhere, and can learn about anything by simply browsing the web. All the privileges that the internet provides, however, are only available to people if its government approve of it.

IPVanish Turkey

Censorship in Turkey

The fact of the matter is, even if the internet has consistently proven its usefulness, there are still some governments that think it can be a tool to jeopardize peace and order. We’ve all seen the chaos that rose in countries like Egypt and Tunisia. With this in mind, the Turkish government decided to eliminate all possible ways to start a movement against the administration.

A new bill was passed that will allow the government to censor certain information or block any website without going through a proper judicial process. Just when we thought the internet in Turkey couldn’t get any more censored, the latest move from the Turkish Parliament proved otherwise.

The additional censorship measures will give the government the ability to keep track of users’ activities. Now, even the slightest move to start an “uprising” is already deemed as a form of provocation against the government.

What Turkish internet users can do

If we look at it, there isn’t really anything that the citizens of Turkey can do to change the censorship legislations in the country. And even if they convince the government to turn the tables, it would involve a long and painstaking process. But why wait if there is already a way to bypass all sorts of internet censorship?

IPVanish, a popular VPN company, provides a way to unblock websites, bypass censorships and increase security on the internet. Just recently, IPVanish launched a site that is completely translated into Turkish. This means that internet users in Turkey can now easily subscribe to a VPN plan from IPVanish.

In order to protect one’s privacy while online, he or she needs to connect to a VPN server. It will then allow the user to surf the web with a fake IP address, thus, having the freedom to browse the web without having to deal with firewalls, censorships and filtering.

Aside from the new IPVanish Turkish website, the VPN company has also setup a blog and a forum with everything in Turkish. IPVanish has partnered with Saklansana to provide the needed VPN information that will be useful to the Turkish people.

IPVanish spreading in numerous countries

VPN is becoming a necessary tool in achieving real internet anonymity and security. And with companies such as IPVanish, there will come a time when internet freedom is at hand. As of this writing, IPVanish already has numerous VPN servers located across 47 countries. Those living in Turkey are the newest netizens to enjoy a secured internet surfing being offered by IPVanish.