12 Million Details Stolen in South Korean Scam

Another massive data breach has struck South Korea, which has potentially snagged the details and private personal information of nearly 12 million people.

The Incheon Metropolitan Police first discovered the hack late last week when the telecom KT Corp clued authorities into a breach that had occurred on their servers. After combing through the data the police were able to determine that a whopping 12 million files were stolen, although this number pales in comparison to the attack from last month that claimed nearly 25 million victims by the time the final toll was tallied.

“The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning said it will establish a team of government officials and online security specialists to find out the details of the incident with the cooperation of the Korea Communications Commission. According to the police, the leaked data includes the victims’ names, resident registration numbers and bank account information. The bigger shock was that the culprits had been hacking the company for a year, since February 2013, gathering up to 300,000 pieces of information in a single day.”

Perhaps most surprising is the fact that the leak went undetected by the communications company for nearly a year before finally losing its stealth cover, and the South Korean telecoms ministry has launched a full investigation into the matter to determine just how deep the rabbit hole goes this time around.

Three suspects have been arrested in connection to the heist, one of whom was apparently a CEO at a large telemarketing firm in the country.