IM Demo for TOR on the Horizon

With the recent NSA revelations that suggest IRC has long been compromised and contained by the agency, hacktivists and political activists from around the world have been looking for a safe, secure way to communicate with one another that doesn’t involve the standard channels that the agency loves to listen in on.

TOR have announced they may have the solution, with the introduction of their new instant messaging service that will utilize all the same anonymity techniques we love from the original TOR, incorporated into a slimmed down version of our favorite chat clients.

The messaging program Instantbird has been chosen to serve as the foundation of the project, although this may change as the developers continue to test options that might provide a more stable platform for features like OTR message encryption and open source auditing.

While the actual level of security made available by the service has yet to be tested in the real world, early builds look promising and should be able to live up to the same standard we’ve come to expect from engineers at The Onion Router project.

Members of that team have pinned a release date somewhere around the end of March this year, however nothing is set in stone as they continue to stress test the sanctity of the brand new communication application.