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Italy is regarded as a country with one of the lowest levels of press freedom in European and just in December 2013, legislators in Italy passed a bill defining the internet censorship in the country. This now allows the regulator AgCom to block users’ access to certain websites when it believes that site has violated certain laws.

In relation to this development, ISPs are also ordered to comply with these censorship guidelines or else face a fine. The entertainment industry, which greatly benefits from this new law, was quick to voice its satisfaction. But what about the netizens?

Is Italy’s internet-blocking law a rightful implementation of censorship? Or is it a threat to online freedom?

Italy is without a doubt a great country – rich in culture and offers lots of amazing entertainment, from TV programs to astonishing music. With the latest censorship taking in effect in March of this year, it would already be a problem to freely access such content. But not to worry – we still have a VPN to bypass all sorts of cyber restrictions.

The Best VPN in Italy

There are thousands of VPN providers available to Italian users. However, only a few are known and trusted by VPN experts. In order to bypass internet censorship in Italy, users need to change their IP address.

The best way to get a foreign IP address in Italy is by signing up with a reliable VPN service that houses servers in numerous countries all over the world. Connecting to a VPN server allows users to hide their actual IP address which is a vital information that is exposed to Italian site’s and ISPs.

We’ve shortlisted numerous VPN service providers and below are five of the best Italy-focused VPNs.

The Nominees for Best Italy VPN 2014


VyprVPN. Founded by Golden Frog in 2010, VyprVPN offers premium VPN services for very reasonable prices. For as low as $6.67 / month, Italian users can already bypass internet censorship in Italy or anywhere in the world.


StrongVPN. StrongVPN is one of the most popular choices for a VPN service. It was founded way back in 1995, and has continued to dominate the market ever since. With a subscription fee of $7.00 a month, have complete control over your browsing activities.


HideMyAss Pro VPN The list wouldn’t be complete without HideMyAss. In fact, any VPN-related list is never complete without HMA. For as low as $6.55, you can already access HideMyAss’ more than 500 servers located in 63 countries.


IPVanish VPN. Established in 2012, IPVanish has quickly gained a sizeable market share and is in the process of building its own proprietary VPN infrastructure. It’s possible that soon it’ll dominate the entire VPN industry. Subscribe to this VPN service for $10.00 a month.


PureVPN. In terms of annual subscription, PureVPN offers one of the cheapest premium VPN services in the market today. For as low as $4.16 per month, users can get the purest VPN service without gimmicks – simply VPN at its finest.

Which VPN provider do you think is the best VPN for Italy? Choose a VPN provider from the poll below and help us determine the best Italy VPN of 2014. Also, feel free to leave a comment.

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