Keith Alexander Suggests Reducing NSA’s Reach

When pressed by yet another in a long line of Congress hearings this Thursday, current head honcho of the National Security Agency General Keith Alexander told members of the committee that he would be “open to the idea” of scaling down operations at NSA headquarters to only include terrorists actually suspected of a crime, rather than everyone in the world and their likely-innocent mothers.

“Can we come up with a capability that gets just those that are predicated on a terrorist communication?” Alexander openly asked the congregation.

Although he phrased the statement under the structure of more of an open ended question than a definitive statement, it seems like he has been coached by a PR team on how exactly to navigate the precarious subjects that inevitably come up at these sorts of affairs.


While on the stand Alexander also petitioned members of the Senate armed services to increase the power held by the NSA to protect private businesses from cyberattacks, citing the recent Target breach as an example to why we need people like him to protect us.

“We need to have a classified relationship” with major businesses to aid their ability to secure their data,” Alexander said.

Alexander reigned as the head of the NSA and US Cyber Command for close to nine years before announcing his resignation in late 2013. The general claims the end of his tenure with the agency was not related to the Snowden leaks, and there’s ample evidence available that would leave us inclined to believe him.