Sears Potentially Next Victim of BlackPOS Hackers

Back when BlackPOS first reared its ugly head in thousands of Target stores last year, analysts predicted that although the big box retailer had been the highest profile hack up until that point, they also had reason to suspect the malware responsible was actively hunting for more numbers at up to five other national chains at the time of their discovery.

Now Bloomberg has revealed that the mall-favorite appliance vendor Sears could be next on the stolen credit card chopping block, with reports leaking in from various sources who believe representatives from the company might be launching a discreet inquiry into the possibility their POS systems were hacked.

A spokesman for Sears responded to the inquiry in a statement published on Friday:

“There have been rumors and reports throughout the retail industry of security incidents at various retailers and we are actively reviewing our systems to determine if we have been a victim of a breach. We have found no information based on our review of our systems to date indicating a breach.”

Photo: Mike Mozart / Flickr

Photo: Mike Mozart / Flickr

While no one can say for sure whether or not this means any customer information has been unearthed and an official breach will be announced, it’s not a mystery why Sears is walking on eggshells before making any major proclamations.

This news comes on the edge of an abysmal 28-quarterly earnings losing streak, as the company continues to struggle to stay relevant in a market rife with more agile and capable competitors. A controversy of this scale would only seek to further that decline, and could spell disaster for the already precariously-perched retailer.

So far only one other major US store has been named as part of the conspiracy, the luxury goods retailer Neiman Marcus, who reported in January that the details of close to two millions customers had been stolen under many of the same circumstances that originally affected the servers at Target.