Samsung Knox Adds Fingerprint Verification

Well, the hype train for the Galaxy S5 is finally starting to slow down a little bit, and analysts everywhere are ready to get down to the nitty gritty of what makes this device the best in the lineup yet.

Knox had already made headlines several times last year before it even hit the shelves in October, supposedly due to issues regarding the true level of safety the platform guarantees for high-level professionals in the security and enterprise IT markets.

One feature that stood out that Samsung announced for the S5 at this year’s MWC was their new biometric fingerprint authentication system, which utilizes a built in scanner and two-factor security to protect the phone from any unwanted intruders in the real world who might find your device on the street and try and break the passcode through traditional means.

Another more interesting implementation of Knox’s technology takes the form of the Knox Key Store, which generates and manages encryption keys to store inside the TrustZone protected environment. The system is also capable of self-monitoring in realtime for any changes that might be made to the kernel or vital portions of the disk partition.

On the horizon for Knox 2.0 includes making applications available to end users through the Knox Marketplace, where IT professionals can come to code and trade their own tools for the platform that make it easier to use, more secure, and customized to thousands of different preferences and personalized settings.

If recent statistics are to be believed, right now you’ll find one version of Knox or another running on around 25 million devices worldwide, with 210,000 added to the ranks each month.