Owners of SilkRoad 2.0 Apologize for Bitcoin Heist

On Feb. 19, Defcon, one of the administrators for Silk Road 2.0, came forward to inform users of the online pharmacological wonderland that all of the lost funds under his watch will be recouped over the next several months, and that he and his team are still hot on the trail of the pirates who initially launched the attack early last week.

“This leadership and this community will not stop until you are completely repaid,” Defcon vowed. “We know you feel defenseless right now. You are naked. Many of you are convinced there is no logical reason any darknet admin would ever fight to get your coins back.”

About $2.7 million worth of Bitcoin was lost in the attack, much of it belonging to the dealers who frequent the site and set up their shop for all customers who wish to browse their “legal-in-some-states-but-not-in-others” wares.

Photo: Reuters | BBC News

Photo: Reuters | BBC News

This public update confirms that despite the minor setback, those in charge of Silk Road 2.0 fully intend to relaunch the site and get it operational as soon as possible. The only change this time around will be to the way escrow is managed and distributed, with a new meshnet style approach being utilized in order to avoid the issues which plagued the system last time.