Google Acquires SlickLogin and New Authentication Technology

Israeli startup SlickLogin has officially been purchased by Google. Although you may not have heard of them before, companies like Google have been keeping a close eye on their emerging technology for months.

“Today we`re announcing that the SlickLogin team is joining Google, a company that shares our core beliefs that logging in should be easy instead of frustrating, and authentication should be effective without getting in the way,” the firm said in a statement.

SlickLogin is responsible for inventing the world’s first audio-based authentication system, which uses tones sent and received by an app on your smartphone to grant access to a protected server or account.

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Google has a similar understanding of the drive to create more effective methods of protecting their customers, and was the first ever company to use the now ubiquitous two-step verification process. A system which generally involves one login on a desktop or laptop, and another layer of security that requires a cell phone tied to your account in order to pass through.

By calling or sending a text message to your phone with a 6 digit pin number, Google is able to verify whoever is logging into the account is in fact the owner, and takes stringently monitored precautions to be sure that only someone with intimate knowledge of the associated email is able to change the number that information gets sent to.

Questions like “what are the names of the five people you email most often”, and “which device do you access this account from most frequently”. These are metrics that only the true owner of an account would know, and rely on data points that can’t be accurately monitored or tallied up by automatic software.

The most lucrative untapped resource in this acquisition is the options that will be made available to professionals who work in high-security sectors of the economy, and currently rely on bulky keyring-based number generators to prevent unauthorized users from accessing company or government secrets.

Hopefully SlickLogin will provide the advantage Google needs take their current authentication capabilities to the next level, and allow them to offer service to a broader audience. Those employed in enterprise or financial services are looking for a solution to security on their smartphones that goes one more step beyond the norm, and if there’s anyone we should trust with the responsibility to keep our accounts safe on that front, it’s Google.