Michael Rogers Named New Head of NSA

Welp, it’s official.

Barack Obama has formally nominated Vice Admiral of the US Navy Michael Rogers to head up the NSA in 2014.

The current head of both the NSA and US Cyber Command, General Keith Alexander, served at the pleasure of two different presidents in his nearly nine-year tenure, and oversaw some of the largest and most dastardly projects ever dreamed up in the agency’s half century history.

Sources close to the process have said that General Alexander is retiring after the standard length of service required of someone in his position, and that his departure has nothing to do with the Snowden leaks or their associated fallout that happened under his watch.

Source| Mashable

Rogers certainly has a lot to look forward to on his first day, with reports pouring in every week that reveal yet another scandalous set of documents, damning the NSA for everything from spying on its own citizens to collecting the bulk emails and text messages of nearly everyone on the planet who owns a cell phone.

Obama has chosen to keep the position alive in its dual purpose nature for the time being, despite suggestions from policymakers and staff to split up the NSA and Cyber Command and have each be run by a separate branch of government.

In slightly more startling news on the hiring front in Fort Meade, the NSA just appointed its very first privacy officer, Rebecca Richards, who will be responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the outfit and ensuring that the “privacy and civil liberties are maintained by all of the NSA’s missions, programs, policies, and technologies”.

To the trained eye this is obviously more of a publicity stunt than it is an actual move to reform any of the ideologies that have become standard practice thus far, however the less skeptical could look at it as a move in the right direction for a department which has been making nothing but the wrong ones for over a decade now.