NSA Spied on Climate Summit in 2009

According to documents released this week by Edward Snowden, the NSA spied on several key figures during the Copenhagen 15 climate change talks back in 2009.

The intelligence gathered at the event was used to brief then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as President Obama as they entered into delegations with representatives from other nations like Germany, Japan, and Russia.

Posted on an internal NSA website on Dec. 7, 2009, the first day of the Copenhagen summit, the documents states:

“Analysts here at NSA, as well as our Second Party partners, will continue to provide policymakers with unique, timely, and valuable insights into key countries’ preparations and goals for the conference, as well as the deliberations within countries on climate change policies and negotiation strategies.”

The “Second Party” in the leaks refers to allied intelligence agencies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, who currently belong to the international Five Eyes surveillance sharing club that none of the other cool kids who attended the summit were invited to.

Source| Common Dream

The COP15 Conference

There is rampant speculation (not all of it so outlandish) which alleges the United States government was spying to ensure the survival of many of their climate destroying energy options, such as coal and natural gas. Although it’s not specifically stated why the Obama administration was more concerned about preserving ancient business models instead of actively looking for a solution to this looming problem on the heated horizon.

After campaigns it’s always the President who has the most promises to keep, and somehow, beyond all odds, Obama managed to summon sums of campaign cash that far exceeded the well-funded efforts of his republican competitor John McCain.

How exactly that feat was accomplished, we can only guess, but Obama was representing more than just the average Joe Plumber when he attended the COP15 that year, and may have kept his funders’ ambitions in mind throughout the talks.