5 Best VPNs for Australia

Australia is no longer immune to the growing trend of Internet censorship seen elsewhere in the world. In what can be termed as a direct influence from the UK, Australia has also blocked RC (Refused Classification) content, which is typically content that is deemed to be inappropriate by the Australian Government.

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The filters were put in place by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), whose sole job is to block the flow of traffic between users and blacklisted content. ACMA is responsible for classifying content as “prohibited” and blacklists content, services and service providers according to their set of guidelines.

As if the RC classification was not enough, Australia has also passed legislation to snoop on their citizens using technologies similar to the PRISM program. This was always expected, as Australia is one of the more advanced countries who are intent on protecting the nation against any and all threats. However, in the name of national security, ISPs are cooperating with the Government in sharing private as well as sensitive information of their subscribers. This has forced users into choosing Australia VPN services to choose VPN servers that are in close proximity to their original IP addresses, but can enjoy the encryption offered only by a VPN service to keep their identity and traffic flow completely private and secure.

Other sections of Australian internet users are just looking for ways to access Australian-specific content that has been geo-blocked outside Australia. Essentially, these Australia VPN users are using such services to unblock and view geo-blocked Australia specific content while traveling outside Australia.

We have selected a few nominees to allow you, our readers, to choose the best Australia VPN. We made our choices according to the support offered to Australia VPN subscribers, and have taken into consideration the speeds, security, encryption, reliability, privacy and anonymity offered by the VPN service provider.

Best Australia VPN 2014: The Nominees


HideMyAss! Pro VPN

HideMyAss! Pro VPN offers excellent support for Australia VPN users, offering dedicated servers in Australia, as well as offering great reliability, speed and bandwidth across their range of servers. Read our comprehensive HideMyAss! review.



VyprVPN is a fast VPN service provider that offers standalone servers in Australia. Due to the excellent speed of their VPN services, VyprVPN is an excellent contender to become the best Australia VPN 2014. Read our VyprVPN review.



BolehVPN is another large VPN service provider with a vast VPN server network. BolehVPN has a strong presence in Australia, and offers specific Australia VPN services for nominal costs. Read our detailed BolehVPN review.



IPVanish is another strong contender for the best Australia VPN owing to their strong server network and secure encryption protocols. IPVanish offers a cheap VPN connection, and is one of the most preferred choices of Australia VPN service providers. Read our IPVanish review.


PureVPN offers a large number of IPs to choose from, and is also one of the leading VPN service providers when it comes to the extent of their server network. PureVPN offers servers in Australia, and is indeed a popular choice of VPN for users around the world. Read our PureVPN review.

Now that you have seen our nominees, it is now time to cast your vote and choose your best Australia VPN 2014.

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