US Will Talk With Snowden on Condition of Guilty Plea

The US government came forward to announce that they would be willing to speak with Edward Snowden’s lawyers on the condition that he enters a guilty plea upon his return to the States.

President Obama himself is still a wash on the issue, telling the press core that his relationship to the whistleblower didn’t garner a strong yes or no on either side of the issue, and that Snowden’s status as a citizen was an “active case” where “charges have been brought against the accused”, without much more said on the matter beyond that. His Attorney General Eric Holder has not been nearly as candid, outwardly labeling the current Moscow-native a “traitor to the system”, and actively seeking the maximum time possible for a conviction.

During an open forum at the University of Virginia, Holden went into detail about how he would treat a return from Snowden.

“If Mr. Snowden wanted to come back to the United States and enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers. We would do the same with any defendant who wanted to enter a plea of guilty, so that is the context to what I said.”

Eric Holder

These outcries come just a few short days after Russian President Vladimir Putin openly offered his homeland to the whistleblower, extending the cold arm of the Sochi Olympics to him and telling the press he is welcome to “stay as long as he wants” at the games, without fear of repercussion.

In a webcast Q&A that went live yesterday morning, Snowden assured the public that he would not be returning to the States anytime soon, and appreciated Putin’s offer if the 27 year old decided to turn his extended vacation into a permanent stay.