Microsoft’s Blog and Twitter Account Hacked by The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)

The Syrian Electronic Army is up to it again, and this time they’ve got the big-M square in their sights.

Over this past weekend, the hacktivist group SEA took to services like Twitter and blogs to announce their opposition to services like Outlook and Bing, claiming the Microsoft is “monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the government”. Of course by now anyone with an internet connection knows that only a small percentage of our data is sold to the US and UK above board, while the rest is simply snatched up afterward using the various backchannels that the NSA has become comfortable with over the past few years.

Several messages were posted on the @MSFTnews and @XboxSupport pages, most of which discussed the link between the Redmond, WA company and the government that currently leases out the land and the lines they depend on for their daily operations.


A spokesperson for Microsoft elaborated on the attacks:

“Microsoft is aware of targeted cyberattacks that temporarily affected the Xbox Support and Microsoft News Twitter accounts. The accounts were quickly reset and we can confirm that no customer information was compromised.”

On top of the Twitter mishap, the software distributor also lost control of its official Technet Blog, which spent around half the day redirecting to SEA-positive websites featuring pro-Asad propaganda and various slogans supporting their cause.

This attack comes just one short week after the official Skype Twitter account was compromised by the same group, who spouted similar rhetoric about the shadowy link that might exist between Bill Gates and Uncle Sam. Overall the message is outdated and uninformed, and nothing that anyone would take seriously enough to warrant attention (least of all Microsoft themselves).