Yahoo to Encrypt All Email by Default

Today, Yahoo announced they had met the goal they set out for themselves in October: to secure the entirety of their email and messaging services with SSL encryption by January 8th.

 In a blog post for the company, Yahoo senior VP of communication products Jeff Bonforte spoke about the universal capability of their brand new encryption method.

“Anytime you use Yahoo Mail — whether it’s on the web, mobile web, mobile apps, or via IMAP, POP or SMTP — it is 100 percent encrypted by default and protected with 2,048 bit certificates.”

This isn’t exactly a revolutionary step for the company though, as Google has been offering the same level of security for just under four years now. The decision to make the move to full 2048-bit RSA encryption is also just another attempt at keeping pace with companies like Microsoft and their flagship mailing program Outlook.

Mercury News:

It’s not the only push Yahoo is making into a more secure space, either. Since the fledgling internet firm discovered their undersea petabyte pipes had been penetrated in a joint operation by the NSA and GCHQ, the search engine assured its users they would apply new layers of safety to the fiber optic lines that connect their global data centers. Unfortunately this part of the project is still a ways from being completed, and will drain key resources away from other areas of the site that require constant attention and support.

To keep your emails and messages safe, never forget to use a VPN whenever you connect to popular services like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.