SnoopWall Lets You Take Control of Android Apps

After Google unintentionally released an application that controlled the app permissions on your device  in December, they quickly jumped two steps back and pulled the program from the Play Store, claiming it “wasn’t ready” and “fraught with bugs”.

SnoopWall is one of the answers to emerge from that controversy, offering users who download the file the ability to carefully monitor, control, and customize how each of their apps interacts with the system and what content they do or don’t have access to.

These management systems are necessary to avoid issues like the one user’s found themselves facing back in December, when the “Brightest Flashlight” utility for Android phones and tablets with LEDs on the back was found to be secretly transmitting and selling user data to less than reputable services right underneath our well-lit noses.


The company emphasizes this a must-have for anyone who is conscious about the security of their Android device, and those who want to know exactly what apps are using which part of the phone at any given time.

“[This is] counterveillance anti-spyware software for consumers. SnoopWall is designed to block eavesdropping, protect the camera, microphone, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and other ‘high-risk data ports’.”

You also have the option to specifically disable ports that certain applications my try to access without your consent, giving you the control you need to maintain the confidentiality of important files, contact information, and even your location on a map. So if you’ve been concerned about staying safe while on the move, then SnoopWall and a Mobile VPN solution from VyprVPN are the answers for you.