Yahoo Unknowingly Spreads Malware to PCs

Yesterday the Washington Post received a tip from researchers at two separate whitehats that Yahoo’s servers had been dumping loads of malware out of their automated ad-generation system on the front page.

On Friday, a Netherlands-based security firm Fox IT posted a blog that went into detail about the issue users are currently facing.

“Clients visiting received advertisements served by Some of the advertisements are malicious, and exploit vulnerabilities in Java and installs a host of different malware.””

The report claims that the virus had the potential to infect “hundreds of thousands” of machines, although the exact number will remain a mystery until Yahoo comes forward with a definitive death toll over the next few days.

Fox IT claims the infection has been running rampant since the 30th of December, and at a diffusion rate of 27,000 machines per hour, some serious damage definitely went down before Yahoo engineers were eventually alerted to the issue.


So far Yahoo still doesn’t know who exactly is behind the attack, although they have come forward to tell us that they are on the hunt and expect to be closing in on the perpetrators soon.

To prevent hackers from finding out where you keep all your most precious memories, always use a VPN when logging into search engines like Google or Yahoo from your home computer or while travelling abroad.