US Court Rules to Extend Phone Record Collections

Today, FISA revealed they have once again unanimously passed the actions and operations of the NSA and its affiliated agencies as constitutional and 100% above board.

Over the past 7 years, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has approved 36 separate instances that put the lawfulness of the program into question, and so far not once have they ever thought to consider that some of what was going on might be a bit dodgy in the legal department.

Speaking of which, just last Friday the Justice Department tried to block a decision from a federal judge in the District of Columbia which could potentially threaten the future of the NSA entirely. They mailed a notice of appeal, asking the court to overturn District Judge Richard Leon’s decision that had labeled the programs unconstitutional.

Source: RT

Every 90 days, the secret court consisting of 15 different judges convenes to decide on the constitutionality of the NSA’s actions, and whether or not anything should be done to moderate the phone record collections program or the database of information designated to write it all down.

In response to allegations from the public and their home governments, a spokesperson for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence reassured us that the NSA would consider modifying the program to account for privacy and civil liberties issues, however the specifics on this gesture still remain as vague and unclear as ever.

“Nevertheless, the Intelligence Community continues to be open to modifications to this program that would provide additional privacy and civil liberty protections while still maintaining its operational benefits.

No matter what changes they eventually agree to make, it’s clear this problem won’t be going anywhere anytime soon if these sorts of rulings keep making it through open court without a scratch to show for it.

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