New “Cryptophone” Launches in France

Two terms have been skyrocketing in the trend department of Google search over the past few months: VPNs, and encryption technologies.

Of course, 80% of all our interaction with the internet takes place over smartphones these days, so why wouldn’t we pay the same attention to our mobile devices as we do those waiting for us back home? In answer to this question, a French security gear manufacturer Bull SA has announced they will be coming to the market with a from-scratch cellphone built from the ground up with the user’s security at the forefront of every engineer’s mind.

The Hoox m2 runs a modified version of Android customized exclusively for the security set in mind, which automatically encrypts text messages, phone calls, and emails the moment they are received or sent from the device.


At a whopping $2760 sticker price the cost of cryptography is clearly not cheap, especially considering the specs it buys you on the inside. Boasting a behind-the-times 1.2Ghz quad-core Cortex A5, with 1GB of RAM and a 5MP camera, the phone is obviously not out to break any performance records, however it’s because the parts utilized are slightly older that the company decided to strap them into their premium-level cybersecurity cell phone.

Other contenders in this rapidly growing market for hyper-secure phones is GSMK’s CryptoPhone 500 from Germany, which is essentially a Samsung Galaxy SIII with another custom-encrypted version of Android with a couple extra parts attached to the logic board to create hardware locks on the otherwise vulnerable chips and interconnecting nodes.

The Cryptophone 500 allows you to make secure VOIP calls over a private network over services such as Skype, and even comes pre-installed with a baseband firewall which, by the company’s claim, can protect you from “100% of over-the-air attacks”.