Popular Online Game Falls to DDOS

Fans of the wildly successful multiplayer MOBA League of Legends may have had a difficult time logging into their account yesterday, as servers and hosting providers were taken down in one of the largest DDOS attacks in gaming in history.

Confirmed by Twitter early monday morning, millions of gamers were left out in the cold after a message was posted claiming that the servers had come under attack from an “outside source”.


Supposedly sparked by a streamer named “PhantomLord”, the hacking group was attempting to take down any game he was playing at the time his online gaming show went live.  DERP, as the clan liked to be called, DDOS’ed several gaming servers including those of Riot Games, Valve, and Blizzard.net. As PhantomLord changed his accounts between each service, the group would follow him in an effort to disrupt his ability to play and thereby take his stream offline for good.

While certains servers on EA for Battlefield 4 took about 15 minutes to resume service, millions of gamers on League of Legends were left out in the cold for nearly 6 hours, reiterating the concern that all gaming developers, big or small, should pay attention to the security of their games and the networks which keep them alive and running for the world to enjoy.

Members of the EU region only spent about an hour in total unable to access their accounts, but both the North American and Brazil servers were in the dark for half the day, as users stormed the official forums demanding an answer as to why they couldn’t play their favorite characters on the massive online battleground that LoL has blossomed into over the past few years.

Thankfully, by around 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time, the issue was resolved and millions of players at once were able to flood the server all at once to catch up on their daily IP boosts and quests for the week.

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