Samsung Galaxy S4 Vulnerable to Security Hole

Merry Christmas everyone, your brand new present from Santa is being hacked!

Uncovered by a student at an Israeli university, the news of this newfound exploit could not come at a worse time for the smartphone manufacturing giant. After just finishing a round of positive PR surrounding the brand new Knox security system, the company is carefully dancing around the issue and downplaying the severity of the findings presented by the research team who originally dug up the hole.

“The new unveiled vulnerability presents a serious threat to all users of phones based on this architecture,” said the lab’s chief technical officer Dudu Mimran.


Knox, a super-secure platform dedicated to providing the highest level of digital security seen in a cell phone to date, has been shopped around various government agencies such as the Department of Defense as a viable alternative to less-than-certain options like the iPhone or RIM’s Blackberry. Coming pre-equipped with an in-system VPN, the new encryption method has already gotten the greenlight from the Pentagon, and is quickly becoming the new standard for safety measures on smartphones for governments and IT professionals worldwide.

Discovered by a Ph.D student at Ben-Gurion University’s Cyber Security Labs, the exploit supposedly has the ability to record specific data communications between phones and also track the user’s email while spoofing messages to members in their contact list. So far only 500 S4s have been purchased by the government as part of their flagship privacy program, however many more orders are expected to flood in over the next few months if Samsung can prove its worth to one of the most security-conscious consumers this side of the Atlantic.

Whether you’re a military contractor for Uncle Sam, or just want to keep your data safe while browsing the web from home, mobile VPNs are a great way to fly under the radar and prevent attackers from gaining access to your sensitive information.

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