NSA Involved in Financial Manipulation

Target may still be cleaning up the damage done over the holiday shopping spree, it looks like the United States beat those two-bit hackers out by a few years and then some.

While catching terrorists and preventing attacks on domestic soil have always been the upfront reasons the NSA does what they do, many believe the surveillance network serves dozens of other purposes beyond homeland security…namely, economic espionage. By spying on the communications and quarterly reports of foreign corporations, companies based in the US could gain a significant advantage over their adversaries in the marketplace by always running one step ahead of the rest of the pack.


Unlike the majority of the information we’ve gathered on the NSA since the leaks started in June, this tidbit actually comes straight out of the publicized White House intelligence task force report, made openly available to journalists and anyone who might be interested on a yearly basis.

Brought to our attention by freelance reporter Trevor Timm, the idea that the NSA is actively helping US conglomerates gain an edge over their contemporaries certainly isn’t outside the realm of possibility or believability. However, as of this writing there has yet to be any concrete proof that the rogue state has actively participated in this sort of financial espionage, and we likely won’t find out about it until more documents are released from the Snowden camp via the Guardian or the Washington Post. 

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