Obama Unable to Cite a Single Terrorist Attack Thwarted by NSA

Like we should even be surprised at this point.

In a press briefing this Wednesday, the President was put on the spot by a reporter from Reuters who demanded he come up with a single example of a terrorist plot that was found or prevented by the dragnet surveillance program currently underway at the NSA in Fort Meade, Maryland.

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As expected, the President continually referenced 9/11 in his defense of the agency, citing the 3,000 American lives that were lost on a day that will live in infamy for generations to come. Although, however patriotic it may have been to watch our commander-in-chief exploit a national tragedy to further his 1984-esque agenda, he was unable to accurately recall a single instance in which his massive dragnet of supercomputers and highly-specialized analysts were ever actually worth their $8 billion annual budget.

“The NSA, in executing this program, believed, based on experiences from 9/11, that it was important for us to be able to track, if there was a phone number of a known terrorist outside of the United States calling into the United States, where that call might have gone.”

We shouldn’t expect the leader of our country to divulge intimate details about the inner workings of these programs or the exact methods used to pull information from nearly every source made available to them, however you would think that under the scrutiny of a curious and infuriated public they would at least have one flagship event they could tell us they prevented or helped to stall by tracking the calls of terrorists worldwide.

Even the former director of the CIA Michael Morell says that although there has been a hurried attempt by several different branches of government to locate and champion an instance in which the dragnet backed up a reason for existing, they weren’t able to find a single terrorist plot prevented by the NSA or the GCHQ to date.

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