Google Skirts UK Law in Privacy Case

Finally, a private company who’s just as immoral as the NSA.

With the slogan “Don’t Be Evil”, it seems that Google would be the last internet search company you’d expect to violate your privacy and read your internal emails. Of course, as they say in the movies; “it’s always the one you least suspect”.

Accused of tracking and monitoring the behavior of iPhone users by tripping up security settings on the iPad, iPhone, and desktop versions of Safari, Google has said that although the facts of the case can not be disputed, the way in which the government has handled the case has left certain qualities to be desired by their legal team in Mountain View, California.


Judith Vidal-Hall has told SCMP magazine that although Google is headquartered in California, they have a massive base of operations established in the UK and have used their resources within the country to breac the confidentiality of its users with supposed impunity.

“British users have a right to privacy protected by English and European laws,” said Dan Tench, a solicitor from the law firm Olswang, which represents the claimants. “Google may weave complex legal arguments about why the case should not be heard here, but they have a legal and moral duty to users on this side of the Atlantic not to abuse their wishes.”

The internet giant has come under fire from the British people for its “arrogant and immoral” attempts to try and move the case offshore to a country which has historically been kinder to telecoms and net firms who push the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable behavior in handling consumer data.

As always, a VPN on your phone and desktop is the best method of preventing this kind of brazen surveillance from affecting you and your family. Our Safari tutorials are a great way to learn how to use privacy settings to your advantage, and allow you to browse freely without concerns that someone else may be watching on the other end of the line.