ibVPN Upgrades Its VPN Package

IbVPN announced major updates to their VPN packages. What makes this version of the Ultimate package better than the last?

Well, besides the extra IP addresses, remote assistance capabilities, and proxy server access, now you can connect to the service on up to two separate devices simultaneously without getting kicked off!

Other features of the service include:

  • Server locations in 20 countries
  • Over 65 servers to choose from
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols
  • ibDNS access for media streaming
  • Torrent access in three countries
  • Proxy servers in five countries
  • 1,900+ dynamic IP addresses
  • Two simultaneous connections


Buyer beware, the Ultimate plan currently runs at $10.95 per month, making it slightly pricier than some of the other available options on our list of VPN providers.

Along with the changes to their plans, ibVPN has also announced they will be adding a brand new servers to their lineup in St. Petersburg, Russia! Your access to this fresh location comes standard with the Ultimate subscription, and to anyone else involved in their unique 5-hour free trial.

Head over to ibVPN’s website now to get the full list of changes and updates to their service.