Facebook Tracks Everything You Type on Their Website

Even if you decide not to post it.

Known only as “self-censored” posts in the official Facebook response to inquiries over the data collection policy, this information is being tracked and allocated by the social media website for use in its metadata analysis process to gain a better understanding of the userbase and how they interact with the service.

This information came to Slate through to a paper released by two former Facebook employees, one a Ph.D student from Carnegie Mellon who was acting as a summer intern in the software engineering department, and the other an established data scientist who had worked in the company for a number of years. According to their study of 5 million English-speaking users, the act of typing out a status update, thread reply, or picture comment automatically activates the incognito service, which works much like the “Draft” function in Gmail and related Google+ products.


If we’re to believe the statement released by Facebook replying to these allegations, they claim the information typed into their website — whether posted or not — falls under the same privacy category as their standard Data Use Policy.

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