GoldenFrog Announces Three Day VyprVPN Trial

Joining a long line of VPN providers who offer free trials and try-before-you-buy periods on a variety of their products, today Goldenfrog announced they would open up an entirely new subscription option for buyers who might be weary about taking the plunge on an annual subscription all at once, but still want to see what all the hubbub is about upfront.

With a new trial offer available on the scene, you can take up to 72 hours to make your final decision on whether VyprVPN is the right solution for you.

“VPN connectivity is a good practice in general, but it’s an absolute must for anyone who is planning to offer up their credit card information online during the holidays. It’s especially important for those folks using public Wi-Fi connections at places like coffee shops and airports,” said Sunday Yokubaitis, president Golden Frog. “Traditionally VPNs have been a tool for the technically advanced, but with the VyprVPN 2.0 Apps, we made the set-up really easy so every internet user can enjoy a secure and private online shopping experience.”


Like me, you’re probably spending your December shopping for many of your family members, co-workers, and significant others holiday gifts online — but be forewarned, this is when the crooks come out to catch the least-prepared and less aware among the rest of us. By connecting to the internet through public and private Wi-Fi hotspots, you open your personal details and private information up to a variety of online threats that could be easily avoided with the use of a VPN.

Virtual private networks are the best way to keep your network traffic safe this holiday season, and allow you to shop on popular services like Amazon and Ebay without worrying about hackers or attackers acting like the Grinch and spoiling your Christmas plans.

With a new set of applications available on iOS and Android, VyprVPN is prepared to protect your family at home and on the go. Thanks to their fresh update and remodeled design, you’ll never be left lagging behind because VyprVPN one of the best VPN providers available on the market today.