CyanogenMod Installs New Security Measures

Thanks to Open WhisperSystems’ TextSecure protocol, now all messages sent to and from a CyanogenModded Android-capable mobile phone will have an extra layer of security installed to protect them from local and foreign government officials.

Developed by well-known security researcher Moxie Marlinspoke and his partner Stuart Anderson, the brand new IP tunneling technique is built to handle text messaging, media messages, and even VOIP calls. CyanogenMod currently sports close to 10 million users and that number is growing faster every day, and as long as both sides of the equation are using the TextSecure application, the message will remain encrypted behind multiple different types of security.

The new system will utilize Open WhisperSystems’ custom encryption layer, TextSecure V2; the cryptographic algorithms Curve25519, AES-256, and HmacSHA256; and perfect forward secrecy, which is starting to gain traction as major tech companies employ it to cut down on snooping.

The open-source mobile platform has remained dedicated to security throughout the nearly half-decade they’ve been in operation, convincing users such as myself that you don’t have to sacrifice safety for customization or increased usability.

“If an outgoing SMS message is addressed to another CyanogenMod or TextSecure user, it will be transparently encrypted and sent over the data channel as a push message to the receiving device,” Marlinspike explained in a blog post. “That device will then decrypt the message and deliver it to the system as a normal incoming SMS.”

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