Java, Flash, Adobe Reader are Most Exploited

In a new study released by the AV-Test Institute, it has been revealed that nearly 66% of all exploits, vulnerabilities, and backdoors were found in the three most popular third-party programs on Windows and OSX. Adobe’s Flash and Reader applications took a close 2nd and 3rd place on the podium, while Oracle’s Java finished way out in front, with a whopping 82,000 security holes discovered since the study was first started nearly 13 years ago.

A point of relief can be found in the fact that although these numbers are daunting on the surface, this study serves as more of a historical reference point than an actual representation of how these programs operate on today’s operating systems and network environments.

Since around 2008 Microsoft and Adobe have made great strides in their methods of locking down their flagship products from malicious malware, and have released updates to all three of their programs regularly since they became widely known targets for the underground criminal networks who try to crack them open.

Java is still struggling to catch-up however, as millions of users refuse to update their versions to the latest build, thereby putting themselves and everyone else on their router at considerable risk for infection.

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