Server-Grade Quantum Encryption is Here

And not a moment too soon.

Today, quantum-computing leaders and potential savior of our private data in the uncertain future to come, ID Quantique announced 100-Gbps quantum encryption unit. This is no box for the average consumer of course; it’s built to handle up to ten separate data center links simultaneously at 10Gbps per second each. Representing a huge leap forward in encryption technology and capability, it seems the only laws we can rely on anymore are those of physics — but, thankfully they provide a set of rules so truly random, that not even the best cryptographers in the universe could crack them if they tried.

What this means is tech giants like Google and Microsoft are no longer constricted by methods of classical encryption (which aren’t a 100% guarantee, based on what we’ve found out so far). CEO of Quantique Gregoire Ribordy told The Register these new systems are designed to address the issues raised in the months since the first Snowden leaks surfaced back in June, while jumping over one of the biggest hurdles data centers have faced on the encryption front for years.

“You need to start with very high quality keys to get good encryption keys overall,” he said. “Part of the scandal of the last six months was that random number generators didn’t offer the full entropy that was expected of them.”

Although we’re getting closer to beating the bastards in Washington every day, quantum encryption for the home user isn’t even on the distant horizon yet. Until companies can find a way to scale this technology down affordably, it will remain a luxury of those like Yahoo and Facebook. Until then, VPNs and online anonymity services are still your best bet for staying protected on a personal level, and that’s why we recommend using HideMyAss Pro VPN.

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