Why You Should Always Pay for VPN Service

Although it may seem tempting, you should never mistake a “free” proxy service or VPN provider for more than what it actually is: a way to track your user history and browsing habits to sell to advertisers at a later date. Servers cost quite a bit to run and maintain, so unless you’re paying for premium, the company is going to make money off you one way or another.

“Free” services will find dozens of ways to compromise your machine or your browsing experience to get ahold of the information they need to stay profitable, so while you may want to give it a go just to see if VPNs are right for you, it’s always recommended to use respected, well-reviewed VPN services who have a history of happy customers voicing their opinions online.

YourFreeProxy, just another addition to the wild world of internet scams, has come up with a whole new way to keep the lights on while trying to use other people’s trust against them to steal a couple coins off the top… Bitcoins, that is.

You read right; it turns out YFP was actively cutting into its users available idle CPU time and using their vast botnet of connected machines to mine Bitcoins and pass encryption keys back up the chain to home base. When members of the service installed the innocuous-looking toolbar, they never could have expected what would happen next.

“…given the processor power required to mine Bitcoin and potential for system degradation, this is a massive affront to the user and a clear abuse of the freemium model. In fact, one user reported to Malwarebytes that they saw a 50% increase in processor usage when they installed the “toolbar.”

If you’re still nervous about dipping your toes into the world of online anonymity, there is always the option try before you buy. BolehVPN is one of the best risk-free trials you’ll find, offering up to 7-days of service on your first month with a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it before the week is up!