Best VPN 2013: The Winners Announced

Throughout the year, we have been testing and reviewing VPN providers, and have found some excellent services, as well as some not so much.

To better accommodate the requirements of our readers, we understand that different VPN users require different features and services. We have therefore come up with VPN Awards 2013 to find the best VPN service provider in each category.

We had chosen the nominees in each category by charting out a list of VPN parameters to ensure that all of our nominees adhere to the best of standards in VPN services rendered. We put special emphasis on a few features such as speed, reliability, security and online anonymity, which are essential aspects of a VPN service provider.

We then asked you, our dear readers, to vote for your favorite VPN in different categories over the past year, and it is now time to reveal the winners. And the winners are…


Fastest VPN 2013: VyprVPN

VyprVPN proved to be a clear winner for the accolades of the Fastest VPN 2013 with a staggering 47% of our readers choosing VyprVPN as their personal favorite. We were not really surprised at the outcome, as we tested their services comprehensively in our VyprVPN review and found that their servers really offered the best in terms of performance and reliability. VyprVPN beat some of the largest names in the industry, namely HideMyAss! Pro VPN and IPVanish, which was one of our favorites for the title. You can visit our Fastest VPN 2013 polls here.


Most Secure VPN 2013: IPVanish

It proved to be a close fight and ultimately, IPVanish came out as a winner by garnering 29% votes. HideMyAss! Pro VPN and Strong VPN came up as the first and second runners up, but only by a small margin. Security is not only restricted to the type of encryption or the level of encryption, but it also entails the different online data logging policies and complete online anonymity that a company can provide to their users. You can read our IPVanish review or go to our Most Secure VPN 2013 polls here.


Best VPN For Streaming 2013: HideMyAss! Pro VPN

HideMyAss! still continues to lead the industry in terms of outright speed and reliability, as these are key indicators for good quality video streaming. Video streaming is the most resource demanding VPN application, and to be able to come out as a clear favorite among our readers, HideMyAss! truly deserves a pat on the back. HideMyAss! beat VyprVPN (the fastest VPN for 2013) to garner 42% votes, making HMA! the perfect choice for online streaming. Read our comprehensive HideMyAss! review and visit our Best VPN for Streaming 2013 polls.


Best VPN For Customer Service 2013: IPVanish VPN

Customer service is indeed an important component of a VPN company, and a good customer service generally indicates the quality of services rendered and the amount of dedication a company has towards its customer database. There were only a few mainstream VPN service providers who offered exemplary customer service, and IPVanish emerged as a clear winner, beating both VyprVPN and HideMyAss! by acquiring 33% of the user votes. Read our comprehensive IPVanish review and head over to our Best VPN For Customer Service Polls 2013.


Best VPN Software 2013: HideMyAss! Pro VPN

It was quite a tussle between HMA and VyprVPN, but in the end, HideMyAss! emerged victorious with 44% votes compared to the 37% votes received by VyprVPN. While this is not our personal favorite, we are content that the prize goes to HMA! due to their innovative and utility oriented design. We are also happy that HMA! uses their extensive experience into redesigning and redeveloping their software on a constant basis, so that their users get the best in terms of performance and reliability while using VPN services. In individual polls, HMA! received 43% votes for Windows OS, 42% votes for Linux and 39% for Mac OS. You can visit our Best VPN Software polls 2013 or read through our comprehensive HideMyAss! review.


Best VPN For P2P 2013: BolehVPN

When it comes to P2P file sharing, it is difficult to utilize the services of any mainstream VPN service provider. There are restrictions on using torrents, and full anonymity cannot be guaranteed. This has led to relatively smaller VPN companies to cash in on the opportunity and offer VPN services for P2P users, and on top of the pile is BolehVPN, which received 34% of our readers’ vote, followed by CyberGhost VPN, which received 27% of the votes. P2P capabilities generally mean that the VPN company does not store any logs and offers completely anonymous and private VPN services. You can read our comprehensive BolehVPN review and head over to our Best VPN for P2P 2013 polls.


Best VPN For Mobile 2013 – iOS & Android: VyprVPN

In our VyprVPN review, we found out that the company had excellent mobile app support for accessing VPN on the go, and our readers feel the same too. Offering VPN app support for both iOS and Android, VyprVPN performed exceptionally well in the polls by garnering 69% votes in the Best VPN for Mobile 2013 category and receiving 49% votes for iOS and 26% votes for Android in the respective VPN awards polls.

This year’s results have spawned completely different VPN service providers in the various categories, and unlike previous years, more and more VPN companies are coming to the fore and are offering world-class VPN services for customers around the Globe. It is also interesting to note that HideMyAss Pro VPN no longer continues to rule the rooster, and newly launched VPN services are certainly making the job tougher for some of the well established names.

Congratulations to all the winners!