PureVPN Speed Test

These tests were done on a 102.11bg Wireless connection, using a TP-Link FFC875 router. Our base connection was through Comcast Cable Communications,  routed via the OpenVPN TCP/PPTP protocol, using a server located in Berkeley, California.

The setup sequence for PureVPN was a breeze, and although we did have a few issues specifying the exact server we wanted to connect to, after some minor configurations we were able to get through without a problem. Once we were up and running, we experienced some of the fastest speeds encountered thus far, averaging 90-100% of our control speed over their network when linked up to servers in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Overall I enjoyed my experience with PureVPN, and would love to use them for daily activities such as watching Netflix, gaming online, or posting blogs on everyone’s favorite VPN website; VPNCreative.net!


To give you an idea of what our average speeds were when connected to Comcast alone with no VPNs running, we ran a series of control tests, the results of which can be seen below.

West Coast – Los Angeles, CA  (1.2% decrease in speed)

Midwest – Chicago, IL (.07% decrease in speed)

East Coast – New York City, NY (.07% decrease in speed)

 Speed Test Results

West Coast – Los Angeles: 7.70/Mbps down, 1.88/Mbps down
Midwest – Chicago: 8.13/Mbps down, 4.29/Mbps up
East Coast – New York: 8.11/Mbps down, 4.15 Mbps up