Private Internet Access Speed Test

These tests were done on a 102.11bg Wireless connection, using a TP-Link FFC875 router. Our base connection was through Comcast Cable Communications,  routed via the OpenVPN TCP/PPTP protocol, using a server located in Berkeley, California.

Out of the options we’ve tested, Private Internet Access was far and away the most reliable, easiest to use, and garnered the fastest speeds of all the other available VPN providers. Connections were smooth, we never experienced a noticeable delay or dropoff in loading times between content-heavy web pages or high-definition video streaming. Switching between servers was a breeze, with only a few clicks required to move from the West Coast to the East, and minimal downtime while waiting for each to link up.


To give you an idea of what our average speeds were when connected to Comcast alone with no VPNs running, we ran a series of control tests, the results of which can be seen below.

West Coast – San Jose, CA (0.8% increase in speed)

Midwest – Chicago, IL (64.8% decrease in speed)

East Coast – Matawan, NJ (56.7% decrease in speed)

Speed Test Results

West Coast – San Jose: 7.84/Mbps down, 4.22/Mbps up
Midwest – Chicago: 2.66/Mbps down, 3.35/Mbps up
East Coast –  Matawan: 3.27/Mbps down, 1.13/Mbps up

Head on over to their website and get started for the blisteringly low price of $3.33 per month!