Microsoft Admits Links Between Data Centers Still Unencrypted

With all the news pouring out from sources like WikiLeaks and the Snowden files these past few months, you would think that security would be the first thing on Microsoft’s mind — but you’d have thought wrong.

This week the Redmond, WA company responded to allegations from a European Parliament inquiry, implying they hadn’t done enough to protect its cloud users from the NSA and related government spying operations, and continued to ignore the threat despite the mounting evidence it should be a top priority.

Privacy researcher Caspar Bowden, former chief privacy adviser to Microsoft, told The Register UK:

“Every European company which has used US-based cloud services must have a contract which specifies conditions for secure data processing. It is negligent for cloud companies to have failed to encrypt the high-speed links between datacentres, and this has left EU citizens’ data wide open to political and economic surveillance from many SIGINT powers, not just the NSA.”

The MEP committee called the company to testify on their participation in programs like PRISM and MUSCULAR, both willing and unwilling, and to answer accusations they hadn’t done enough to secure the data of its 300 million cloud-service users worldwide. Google and Yahoo have both expressed their discontent after learning about the two programs, and the former has already beaten both firms to the punch by encrypting every fiber optic line that connects their data centers between various continents.

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