Latest iOS and Android Firmwares Cracked at PacSec 2013

At this year’s PacSec conference in Tokyo, Japan, security researchers from the Chinese firm Keen Cloud Tech were awarded nearly $28,000 after displaying their newest, and most terrifying crack yet.

By tricking users into clicking an innocuous Facebook link, the team was able to use their specialized tool to gain full access to their credentials, login passwords, and personal information all from a remote device.

Here is a video explaining how they were able to gain access so quickly:

“The implications for this exploit are worrisome. While you may be reticent to click on links (heeding the commonly-given, if somewhat ridiculous advice to ‘click carefully’) it is unlikely that you assess risk and use caution the same way on your mobile devices as you do on your desktop,” blogged Heather Goudey, senior security content developer at HP, which co-sponsors the contest.

This is the first time Chinese competitors have won the Pwn2Own competition, and there is still another $100,000 up for grabs as the qualifying rounds continue throughout the week.

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