Perzo Offers Creative Method for Encrypting Messages

*** Update: It appears that Perzo has gone out of business as of 2017 /JLN

Ever since we found out services like iMessage and GChat weren’t nearly as secure as their parent companies would’ve liked us to believe, the hunt for a safe, reliable method of digital communication has been the holy grail for tech entrepreneurs and internet security companies alike.

And that’s where Perzo comes in.
What makes this chat channel different from other supposedly hack-proof IM systems, is the way it dynamically generates encryption keys based entirely on the content of your conversation. Instead of relying on standard SSL techniques, Perzo uses the actual characters from the messages themselves to randomize its keys so quickly and safely that not even a bandwidth behemoth like the NSA would be able to crack it fast enough.

“We’ve developed a new technology that looks at your messages and, randomly, a set of characters from it, then goes to the next message to generate a new key using that message’s characters, and so on. Every single message sent through Perzo is encrypted using its own key.”


So if the program uses the words in previous sentences to generate keys, does that mean the messages themselves would be susceptible to spying if someone had a bug placed on a particular part of the line? According to Gurle, we won’t need to worry about the possibility of another pair of eyes peering in on our daily musings with one another:

“We can’t see what you’re doing. If you lose your password, it’s practically impossible for us to retrieve it, and that’s by design. And if the government asks us for our data, obviously we’ll comply, but we have no way to help them make sense of the encrypted message.”

This implies is that if someone found a way to get through your router, network, anti-virus, and desktop firewall, they still wouldn’t know what they were looking at by the time they eventually decoded your data. Not even Perzo themselves have access to it, so even if they are pressured into handing over everything but the source code to the government, your messages and their content will remain 100% secure and hidden from spies both foreign and domestic.

Just in case you’re worried these privacy programs don’t air as far on the side of security as they should, there is always the option to double-down and use a VPN to anonymize and encrypt all of the data transferred to and fro on your network. With this comprehensive list of available VPNs, you’ll never be left wondering which provider is the best match for you and your personal files.