Canary to Feature Automatic Malware Scanner on Download

Thursday, Google announced a new addition to their Canary build of the Chrome browser: an experimental malware sniffer designed to destroy any unverified downloads that try to open themselves on your computer.

This means the browser will now act as its own personal anti-virus, scanning executable files before they get a chance to save themselves outside of the sandboxed environment they originally transfer in.

“In the current Canary build of Chrome, we’ll automatically block downloads of malware that we detect,” the advertising giant said. “If you see this message in the download tray at the bottom of your screen, you can click ‘Dismiss’ knowing Chrome is working to keep you safe. “

Canary is just about as sleek as Chrome gets at this point, and is the primary recipient of a nightly update schedule that would make even the most seasoned programmer’s head spin. The racer-tuned version of the already lightning-quick browser is faster, carries less weight on the corners, and even treads lighter with about half the memory footprint as the standard version. No word yet on whether or not the addition of another internet security component will bog down the browser, but we’re certain these results will be released to the public within the coming weeks.

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