NSA Eavesdropped on the Vatican

Is nothing sacred anymore?

After news of 46 million phone calls being monitored in Italy was leaked last week, many have been left wondering if the Vatican was ever included in that list.

Well, after sorting through the data dump it has been confirmed that calls going in and coming from Vatican city were recorded and logged by the NSA at their headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. The story, which was broken by Italian publication Panorama, was broad reaching, yet oddly specific in its accusations against both the American and British spy agencies.

“The National Security Agency wiretapped the pope,” the magazine said, accusing the United States of listening in to telephone calls to and from the Vatican, including the accommodation housing cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio before he was elected Pope Francis.

Some speculate the rouge outfit even went as far as to eavesdrop on the night of the conclave, when the new pope was due to be selected. Wikileaks was kind enough to provide the Vatican with comprehensive details on exactly when and where the NSA had been listening in, and have left it up to the Catholic Church to read through and verify if any pertinent information had been stolen.

In response to the allegations, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi has expressed his disinterest in the day to day operations of the US government surveillance programs:

“We have heard nothing of this, and are not worried about it.”

The general operations of the conclave are especially clock-and-dagger, with a system installed in the Sistine chapel where the cardinals meet in order to scramble any mobile phone communications and excommunication for those with looser tongues.

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