US Caught Spying on Phone Calls and Data in Spain

It’s almost redundant to be shocked by any of it at this point. Today, documents surfaced which revealed the NSA’s wiretapping and data collection efforts in Spain, spanning nearly 60 million phone calls and undisclosed amount of monitored web traffic.

As of earlier this morning, the allegations from the Spanish government and demands to see the US ambassador are just icing on the corruption cake. Other key ingredients include pending investigations from Germany, Mexico, Brazil, and France, none of which have yet to be publicly addressed by the government that currently stands accused of breaking at least twenty international laws, not to mention the laundry list of domestic violations waiting for them in each territory.

Source: NYTimes

After his meeting with Spanish officials, US ambassador James Costos issued a statement acknowledging Spain’s worries about the surveillance programs.

“Ultimately, the United States needs to balance the important role that these programs play in protecting our national security and protecting the security of our allies with legitimate privacy concerns.”

It is believed that much of the spying taking place in these nations is not being driven by Cold War-era motivations, when knowing the battle plans and military size of any given country were of the topmost priority. Nowadays analysts believe the NSA is eavesdropping for the sake of business intelligence, spying on the movements and stock trades of international conglomerates and corporations in order to give those operating in America a leg up.

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