John McAfee Has Gone Nuts for Networks: D-Central Unveiled at C2SV

It all depends on what mood you catch him in that day, I guess.

Sometimes he’s an international fugitive wanted for murder in South America, others he’s a self-made security software millionaire. When we’re left with the latter, the results from encryption-mogul John McAfee are as much of a mixed bag as his often unpredictable personality.

This time around, McAfee used the stage at the C2SV Technology Conference to announce his newest endeavor: a sub-$100 box that will connect you and everyone within a city block of the antenna to an “NSA-proof” network. . In theory, it consists of nothing but interlinked P2P nodes  leapfrogged across the country — essentially a darknet, which is a method of avoiding the traditional ISPs by instead opting to link up to the power of protest to pull down all the digital dirt and Facebook alerts we need on the daily. Independent antennas operate in sync with one another in lieu of traditional forms of hierarchy, helping to prevent any one person or network hub from becoming a centralized server that might take priority over any others in the chain.

The Verge

“There will be no way [for the government] to tell who you are or where you are,” McAfee says.

Dubbed “D-Central”, the device will enable users to connect from anywhere around the globe, and set up independent nodes which then strengthen the signal for everyone else in signal range. McAfee says he’s currently around six months away from having a working prototype of the wireless relay, claiming the design has been completed and that he’s in talks with hardware manufacturers to see about getting it built.

Some are rightuflly wary the United States government may attempt to step in due to the public nature of the announcement, and could shut the project down as a “threat to national security” before it ever has a chance to hit the shelves.  McAfee was already locked and loaded with a response for his critics:

“Of course it will be used for nefarious purposes, just like the telephone is used for nefarious purposes.” If the device gets banned in the US, McAfee says he’ll simply “sell it in England, Japan, the Third World.”

A ticking clock can be seen on the newly-launched website, counting down the days-minutes-and-hours until the prototype hits the factory floor. With 145 days still to go until the D-Central decentralizes anything in the real world, you have plenty of time left to choose from any one of the leading virtual private network providers to anonymize and privatize your identity and data online.

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