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HideMyAss Won’t Play Videos – Here’s What To Do

HideMyAss (www.hidemyass.com) is one of the fastest, secure and most reliable ways for everyday users to surf the internet while protecting their privacy and identity online. Once you connect to their services, you are immediately given a new IP address. This IP address is completely unrelated to your computer.

For example, their premier service is their professional Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Using their VPN service, your internet activity will immediately and permanently be encrypted from everyone. All the applications on your computer that use the internet will work through the VPN, and hence become anonymous and secure as well.

HideMyAss Pro VPN requires no technical experience to operate. All you need to do is sign up, download some software and get going. You will feel much safer knowing that your sensitive web traffic is hidden securely behind 50,000 IP address, spanning over 55 countries across the globe.

HideMyAss Doesn’t Play Videos

Arguably the most used product that HideMyAss has launched has been the free proxy service. All you have to do is open their webpage, enter your desired URL in the bar in the middle of the page and hit enter. You do not necessarily need to tinker with the settings (unless you know what you are doing). This makes the entire process of securing your internet access very easy, albeit temporarily.

One drawback of the free proxy service is when it comes to playing videos. The free proxy service, although it claims to run videos, does not always do so. While it is true that they support video playback from popular websites, such as YouTube, this too is a bit of a hit and miss situation.

If you are trying to play video through the free proxy service and are failing to do so, you can try the following steps.

First of all, make sure that you have not altered the settings of the service while writing the URL of the webpage you are trying to visit. Remember to keep flash and java enabled.

Secondly, be patient. Loading a video requires a bit more time and processing power from the servers end. So if your video does not play immediately, just wait a while before moving on.

If your video still does not play, you should start by refreshing the page. This will reload everything, including your IP address perhaps, and allow you to once again try to make the video playback work. You may try this step two or three times before deciding to do something else.

At this point, if your video playback still has not started, it is recommended that you shutdown your browser completely, re-launch it and navigate to the web page again. If your video still does not play, try clearing the cache and cookies stored in your browser, before restarting your browser itself.

If your video playback still has not begun, you should try a few other video content related websites to get a better idea about where the problem lies. You can try using different browsers and different machines to better understand the issue at hand. At the end of all of this, if you are still unable to make the video work, then it is recommended that you change the service you are using.

HideMyAss Free Proxy vs. Pro VPN

The free service is not meant to be a full time solution to your secure browsing needs. Instead, it is designed to go through a few web pages at a time or to give you an idea about how VPNs work. If you are having issues with the free proxy service, it is recommended that you switch over to a different service, such as the Pro VPN service.

This service not only connects your browser to the secure server, but also every single application on the device you are using. This means that the connection is much stronger, and should be able to easily play any kind of video. The Pro VPN will also provide much higher speeds, meaning your videos will load not only faster, but also in greater quality.

Another alternative to this problem is to use the IP Port Proxy service. This works similarly to the PRO VPN, in the sense that it connects all of your applications to your secure server. However, one point of difference is that IP port proxies are not nearly as safe as their Pro VPN service.

It is fairly easy for anyone to get your actual IP address if you are hiding behind an IP Port Proxy service, whereas it is impossible to do so with a Pro VPN.

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