BitTorrent Introduces A Secured Instant Messaging Service

What is the best defence from intelligence organizations such as the controversial NSA? BitTorrent might just have the perfect tool that can protect your privacy while having conversations online.

Introducing the BitTorrent Chat. This is BitTorrent Inc.’s newest offering that promises to allow people to chat safely and securely. The said instant messaging app which is currently in private alpha stage, is the latest experimental project in the BitTorrent Labs.

BitTorrent Chat is definitely one of the many solutions to the growing concerns over online security. Other popular online file-sharing/storage services such as Pirate Bay and Megaupload have also announced similar plans of providing a spy-proof messaging app.

BitTorrent Chat

The San Francisco-based peer-to-peer file sharing service promises an encrypted messaging tool that would never permit data to be breached. Using the service would allow people to regain control over their data. The said messaging app is using the same infrastructure as the file sharing network.

Since the service doesn’t require a central server to work, users can be guaranteed privacy and security from snooping activities. If you’re someone who usually chat with friends online, you should definitely give BitTorrent Chat a try.

BitTorrent Chat is an invitational private alpha download though. You need to sign up qualify for the instant messaging app.