iPad Air Announced, But Will it Be Secure?

At a press event in Cupertino yesterday, Apple announced two new additions to their iPad line that would be released early next month. The iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina took the stage on Tuesday, showcasing slimmer profiles, faster processors, and less pounds all around.

The new tablet comes with the same A7 processor we’ve already been acquainted with in the iPhone 5S, but what really spices things up in this iteration is the M7 motion processor, which is said to increase graphics performance up to two-fold over the previous generation. In theory this brings the total leaps in performance from their first release to 72x the processing power of the original, although we aren’t sure there are many games designed to take full advantage of the chip just yet.


With MIMO (multiple-in, multiple-out) technology, the iPad Air offers blazingly quick download and upload speeds, reaching up to 300/mbps in optimal conditions. This means every backup, sync, and encryption run happens at light speed. Recently, the iCloud team was forced to defend themselves against allegations their service was susceptible to data leaks and account hijacking, and while so far no patches, updates, or hotfixes have been announced for the mobile cloud solution, there is ample pressure being placed on the developers to seal the hole sooner rather than later.

Other than this slight mishap on behalf of the security researchers in Cupertino, the iPad is an airtight answer to even the most advanced attackers, and will keep you and your data safe from outside threats and unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks abroad.  It will be available with LTE on Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T at $649 retail, and goes on sale this November 1st. Get in line now to have a chance at the black and graphite slate colors, which are expected to sell out within hours of the doors opening.


With iOS 7, you’ll have all the same iPad apps available to you that the rest of the line can access in the iTunes App Store. Express VPN is ready to protect you and your brand new devices from all malware maladies, and maintain the same levels of security you’ve come to expect from their extensive range of products that are available on a variety of mobile and home computing solutions.

The iPad will also be available in vanilla white, with the 16GB Wi-Fi version starting at just $499 and rising to $549 for the 32GB, and $599 for the 64 gig.