German Chancellor Angela Merkel Demands Answers From Obama

Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel phoned President Barack Obama to vocalize her concerns regarding NSA surveillance of the German people in the wake of the Snowden revelations.

However, just later in the day German intelligence surmised that the NSA had actually been trying to tap the very call she made to request an end to such practices, drawing up even more outrage from an already understandably rattled cabinet member. broke the story, which suggested that while the Chancellor was speaking with the President, the NSA had actually had the gall to drop in on the call to see what the both of them were talking about.

Later it had been reported that during the conversation with Obama, Merkel expressed her expectation that “US authorities would provide an explanation about the possible extent of such surveillance practices, and thus answer questions that the German government already posed months ago.”

Angela Merkel,

The information was examined by the local government’s foreign intelligence agency, the Federal Office for Information Security, and the Federal Intelligence Service, otherwise known as the BND. After careful research the agencies came to conclusion that the chancellor been monitored on a number of communications over the course of several months, including during her call directly to the President which voiced her concerns on the issue.

“As a close ally of the United States of America, the German government expects a clear contractual agreement on the activities of the agencies and their cooperation”.

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