NSA Caught Hacking Mexican President’s Email

Edward Snowden continues to be a splinter in the paw of the American government, bouncing from location to location as he releases more damning evidence with every satellite uplink he can get. This time, he’s come forward with yet another juicy snooping scandal which has been entrusted to German publication Der Spiegel, who have posted the relevant documents and pertinent evidence on their website earlier today.

It turns out the NSA had total access to the email and personal files of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and spent several years monitoring his communications to gain insight into the Drug War and the connections their government may have had to various cartels. They then shared this information with the DEA, who turned around and used it to help prosecute members of the gangs who were kept in custody on U.S soil.

Essentially it boils down to the fact that the NSA is doing what we’ve paid them to do, gather information, but the brazen methods they’ve used to infiltrate the personal files of world leaders we have absolutely no reason to worry about bear a second glance on behalf of the privacy community. Spying just for the sake of spying, done in a manner that seems to take little to no regard for any international laws or common courtesy, is not where our tax dollars were supposed to be spent.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

Mexican President Calderon

This is not the first forced entry the NSA has made into Latin America this year either, with reports surfacing about billions of emails, phone calls, and text messages that were monitored by the agency as they came in and went out of Brazil in March. President Dilma Rousseff has been a vocal opponent of the surveillance tactics employed by the United States over the past decade, and has been leading the charge among a group of G8 attendants who are growing increasingly weary of their growing position of power encroaching on the national scene.

It is widely believed these penetrations were not made for the Pentagon, but rather were economic in nature. The information which received the most attention was in regards to oil trading, energy prices, and general stance of the two nations on the emerging natural gas global market.

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