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VyprVPN Opens Up Beta Tests for Major New Release


Better buckle up, because an all new version of VyprVPN is coming your way soon! With their top of the line architecture and infrastructure already established, VyprVPN has set out to pull themselves away from the rest of the pack by offering the most intuitive, easy to use applications and software in the VPN business.

Faster, more reliable connections are just the tip of the iceberg though, as you’ll find dozens of new features all throughout the redesigned and optimized version of the VyprVPN. All of the same protection and anonymity features are here, beefed up with Vypr’s neverending dedication to being the biggest, best, and most accessible VPN service on the web.

Completely redesigned from the ground up to be faster, sleeker, and more user friendly, VyprVPN has gone to extensive lengths to ensure their customers have the best possible experience currently available on a VPN network. And with new apps coming for Mac, iOS, and Android, you can stay secure on any device you own, and hide your entire family behind a wall of secrecy with only one login per month. That means no slowdowns or getting kicked off if someone else uses your account at home while you’re at the office, enabling you and your kids to stay secure no matter where they end up on the net.

Look for an all new interface on your iPhone or iPad, with a luxurious layout dedicated exclusively to supporting Retina displays. Android users won’t be left out in the cold either, with a fresh IP Location Map and retooled speed graph made specifically to fit the JellyBean and Ice Cream Sandwich aesthetic.

The beta will be opening within the next few weeks, so head on over to the signup page to get yourself started today!