Brazil’s President Calls for Encrypted Email Network

In response to the events of the last several months in America, Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff has confirmed her country’s plan to create a new, secure email system that can remain out of sight of the NSA and GCHQ for good.

Implementing the same techniques which have worked gangbusters for German provider, the initiative will commission the creation, implementation, and management of a statewide internet that functions exclusively inside an encrypted network. Controlled and monitored by the government, this impromptu answer to unwarranted surveillance would be far less susceptible to attack from the two international surveillance teams, and prevent them from gathering thousands of emails and phone calls coming in and out of the country every day.

After learning their nationalized oil company Petrobras was maliciously infiltrated and analyzed over a period of several years, President Rousseff has been adamant about her role as a world leader who can stand up to the bandwidth bandits from across the pond.

“Without respect for [a nation’s] sovereignty, there is no basis for proper relations among nations,” she told the United Nations at a speech this Tuesday.
“Those who want a strategic partnership cannot possibly allow recurring and illegal action to go on as if they were an ordinary practice.”

Source: Twitter
The President has taken to Twitter to ensure her message is heard.

She has also alluded to plans for hosting an internationall security summit in 2014, and even though the current network is still vulnerable to the same backdoor techniques the NSA used to read her emails and private communications, it will be far safer than what they’ve been depending on thus far.

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