Google Readies Personalized Ads

In yet another act of deeply personal privacy violations in pursuit of advertising dollar profits, the company which spent years sporting the slogan “don’t be evil” on all its promotional materials is now ramping up a whole new way to sell you and your relationships to the highest bidder online.

Earlier this week, Google released a statement regarding an upcoming change to the way they’ll display ads from now on. This is coming from a search engine that has never been shy about the fact that they want to be a part of as many pages as you frequent, whether it’s through a simple G+ icon hidden in the corner of your favorite blog, an advertising link lined on the right hand side of your search results, or if all goes according to plan, even the face of a family member staring back at you from the bottom of a potential new product that just hit the shelves.

That’s right; the new advertising platform, dubbed “Endorsement Sharing”, will take recommendations written by members of your Google+ Circles, and automatically bring them onto any website you might be browsing the aisles of. So instead of random reviews from ChairDude83 on your next recliner from Lay-Z-Boy, you might see your uncle Jack looking at you from right underneath the link, describing his personal experience with this year’s hottest model.

The Register

This extends to all different areas of your life, including local restaurant reviews and anything that might have been “+1’d” by anyone in your Google Circles. The new tactic will supposedly be a huge money maker for the Mountain-View search company, and they should have no more of a problem churning out ad revenue in the same social media space that Facebook has been dealing with for almost three years now.

The system will go live globally November 11th, and although it will be selected as a default option for every Google+ member in the network, you will also have the chance to opt-out in your account settings.

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