The Best VPN in Gaming

Many of us like to keep ourselves protected behind VPNs for daily activities like web browsing, checking email, or chatting with friends, but sometimes the slower connection speeds and spotty ping times can be a drawback when you want to ramp things up to the next level. Anyone who has tried to raid ancient dungeons, fight futuristic armies, or frag aggravated aliens online knows what the difference between 50 and 150 ping can be in the thick of multiplayer madness.

Response times are everything on these bandwidth battle arenas, and although VPNs are great for staying secure and ensuring the safety of your identity online, they’re also notoriously bad when it comes to providing the fastest ping times, and most won’t be winning the “least laggy server” awards anytime soon.

Luckily, that’s where IPVanish VPN comes in. Blazingly quick and 100% secure, IPVanish provides its users with one of the fastest VPN solutions around, all for only $10 a month. Now you can snipe, slash, and smash your way through dozens of enemies without losing a frame of the game or your anonymity in the process.

With IPVanish, gaming on your console is now as easy as setting up a firewall. Nothing more than a few clicks and configurations are required to enable the private gaming experience you expect from your PC, all from the comfort of your own couch. Custom firmwares like DD-WRT and Tomato will allow your router to connect to any encrypted VPN of your choice; so no matter who you’re crossing the battlefields with, you’ll never drop out again in sacrifice of a safe spot to call home.